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Coming soon:

A new series for 2015: 
Special Agents at the Altar

The long-awaited finale to the Witch Hunt series:  Cursed

The Madam Diary Mysteries

  Prank Call Girl  
  Prank Call Girl
February 2013


Harlequin® Special Releases

  Return of the Lawman  
  Return of the Lawman
Men in Uniform
October 2010

Harlequin Nocturne®

  Cursed Vacation with a Vampire
Mistress Til Midnight
December 2015
Witch Hunt
March 2015
Vacation with a Vampire
June 2012
Deja Vu Christmas with a Vampire The Vampire Hunter
Déjà Vu
June 2011
Christmas with a Vampire
November 2010
The Vampire Hunter
The Secret Vampire Society
September 2010
The Huntress Mistress of the Underground Holiday with a Vampire III
The Huntress
The Secret Vampire Society
August 2010
Mistress of the Underground
The Secret Vampire Society

March 2010
Holiday with a Vampire III
Nothing Says Christmas Like a Vampire
December 2009
The Secret Vampire Society Immortal Bridge Resurrection
The Secret Vampire Society
October 2009
Immortal Bride
March 2009
Damned Persecuted Haunted
Witch Hunt
August 2007
Witch Hunt

April 2007
Witch Hunt

December 2006

Harlequin Intrigue®

    Agent's Redemption
Special Agents at the Altar
October 2015
  Agent Undercover The Pregnant Witness
Agent to the Rescue
Special Agents at the Altar
September 2015
Agent Undercover
Special Agents at the Altar
April 2015
The Pregnant Witness
Sepcial Agents at the Altar
March 2015
Bridegroom Bodyguard Explosive Engagement Groom Under Fire
Bridegroom Bodyguard
Shotgun Weddings
August 2014
Explosive Engagement
Shotgun Weddings
July 2014
Groom Under Fire
Shotgun Weddings
June 2014
Royal Rescue
Royal Bodyguards
April 2013
The Princess Predicament
Royal Bodyguards

March 2013
Protecting the Pregnant Princess
Royal Bodyguards

February 2013
Baby Breakout Lawman Lover Daddy Bombshell
Baby Breakout

April 2012
Lawman Lover

March 2012
Daddy Bombshell
Situation: Christmas

November 2011
Ransom for a Prince Mystery Lover The Substitute Sister
Ransom for a Prince
Cowboys Royale

March 2011
Mystery Lover

June 2010
The Substitute Sister

March 2005
Bridal Reconnaissance Sarah's Secret Return of the Lawman
Bridal Reconnaissance

February 2004
Sarah's Secrets
July 2003
Return of the Lawman
May 2002

Harlequin American®

Single Dad Sheriff His Baby Surpise Once a Cop
Single Dad Sheriff

September 2010
His Baby Surprise
Babies & Bachelors USA

April 2010
Once a Cop
Citizen's Police Academy

September 2009
Once a Hero Once a Lawman Finally a Bride
Once a Hero
Citizen's Police Academy

May 2009
Once a Lawman
Men Made in America

February 2009
Finally a Bride
The Wedding Party

October 2008
Forever His Bride The Best Man's Bride Unexpected Bride
Forever His Bride
The Wedding Party

August 2008
The Best Man's Bride
The Wedding Party

May 2008
Unexpected Bride
The Wedding Party

February 2008

Harlequin Next®

Learning to Hula Taking Back Mary Ellen Black
Christmas Presence
December 2007
Learning to Hula
August 2006
Taking Back Mary Ellen Black
August 2005


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